The custom knit sweaters industry is invited to participate in the 2020 China Apparel Conference

The custom knit sweaters industry is invited to participate in the 2020 China Apparel Conference to help the industry's innovation and development

October 15-16, sponsored by China Garment Association and Haining Municipal People's Government, and co-organized by Haining China Leather City Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Garment Industry Association, and Haining Garment Association. The theme is "Leading Change and Creating the Future" 2020 China Garment The conference was held in Haining.

Nearly 600 industry elites, cultural scholars, and technical experts from the China National Textile and Apparel Industry Association, China Garment Industry Association, and many of the top 500 brands in the domestic apparel industry attended the meeting on the theme of "Industrial Reform and Strategic Opportunities in the Post-epidemic Era" Share experience and discuss the future of the apparel industry.

This China Apparel Conference is committed to grasping the pulse of industrial development, looking forward to new value directions, boosting confidence in the development of the industry, adding pre-innovation action, comprehensively consolidating digital capabilities, supply chain resilience, and cultivating new opportunities in the crisis and creating new opportunities in the changing situation Bureau.

The custom knit sweaters industry is a leader in the clothing customization industry. Huang Changjian, the general manager of the clothing supply chain, was invited to participate in this clothing conference to discuss the current situation of the industry with colleagues in the clothing industry from all over the country to help future innovation and development.

The custom knit sweaters industry was founded in July 2013. It is an entrepreneurial Internet technology company with enterprise service providers and customized distributors as its core customers, customized enterprise service supply chain integration and multi-port intelligent SaaS research and development as its core. The province's first batch of technology companies, 3551 key companies, gazelle companies, and Wuhan technology innovation projects that have logged on to the Qinghai Innovation Board have received four rounds of financing. In 2019, the transaction volume of the SaaS platform for the custom knit sweaters industry has exceeded 200 million yuan.

During the epidemic, the custom knit sweaters industry is also a rare positive growth company in the clothing customization industry. The reason is no other reason. The company has already deployed digitalization as early as 2015 and has deepened the flexible supply chain system of the custom knit sweaters industry.

At present, there are 300+ cooperative suppliers and factories in the custom knit sweaters industry, 1200+ cooperative distributors, and seven large-scale flexible customized smart supply chain centers in Wuhan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Yiwu, Shanghai, Humen, Heze, etc., independently developed The SaaS system of the custom knit sweaters industry connects the upstream, midstream and downstream of the apparel industry through the integration of back-end supply chain production services and real-time dynamic information feedback, providing all partners in the custom knit sweaters industry with a back-end large-scale flexible smart supply chain service.

At the meeting, Chen Dapeng, vice chairman of China National Textile and Apparel Council and chairman of China National Garment Association, made the "2019-2020 China National Garment Association Work Report".

The report first introduced the development of China’s apparel industry at this stage: at present, the domestic epidemic has been effectively prevented and controlled, and the domestic market has clearly recovered. From January to August, the two market indexes of domestic sales and export appeared for the first time. The positive growth rate was 4.4% and 3.23% respectively.

He pointed out that the apparel industry needs five aspects of innovation and development, including digital transformation, organizational change, focusing on core capabilities, enhancing cultural creation, and changing development concepts and values. He said, “We must deeply understand the disruptive changes in the industrial market ecology, examine our management model and growth model, and achieve innovation and transformation in the new ecology.”

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This coincides with the future development direction of the custom knit sweaters industry. It can be said that 2020 is a new departure for the Chinese apparel industry in the digital economy era. It is also in the context of the country’s century-old goal of striving towards a new stage, comprehensively enhancing creativity and soft power, reshaping the new advantages of the industry, and standing on a global scale. A new starting point for the commanding heights of the industry.

How to seize the opportunities of the times, adapt to the development of the times, and help the apparel industry create a brighter future is a question that the custom knit sweaters industry has been thinking about.

In the future, the custom knit sweaters industry will inevitably not change its original intentions, continue to focus on deep cultivation of flexible customized supply chain services and innovation, improve the efficient coordination of the supply chain, change the asymmetry and delay of the supply chain, and lead the clothing industry in digital, networked, and intelligent Accelerate the formation of a new form of clothing industry featuring “data-driven, human-machine collaboration, cross-border integration, and co-creation and sharing” to facilitate the digital development of the clothing industry and contribute to the development of the industry and society.