Ten Questions To Wenzhou custom knitted sweaters

Ten Questions To Wenzhou custom knitted sweaters

Why break the game and revive it?

——Thinking from Wenzhou custom knitted sweaters China trip

This is an in-depth and good article from the leaders of Wenzhou Economic and Information Bureau.

Bring us in-depth thinking about the development of the entire industry.

Wenzhou custom knitted sweaters originated early,

Strong industrial foundation,

However, in recent years, we have faced considerable pressure and difficulties.

This time, "Ten Questions on Clothing" is proposed,

And propose countermeasures,

It is worth reading carefully by every practitioner.

How can Wenzhou's fashion industry empower Wenzhou's economy?

How far is it to build a "Fashion City, Quality Wenzhou"?

one way or another,

Make good clothes,

It has always been the goal of our unswerving struggle!

Everyone is concerned about the future of the industry,

Let us drum and shout together!

Someone said: I thought that 2019 would be a cold winter for the custom knitted sweaters industry. However, I didn't expect that we are waiting for a more difficult 2020. The epidemic has become a superposition of pressure, highlighting more difficulties in the industry, and huge changes in the market and the industry. In the first three quarters, Wenzhou's clothing industry data is not optimistic.

Faced with the severe situation, Wenzhou clothing people took the initiative to accelerate the reshaping of the clothing industry, boost the confidence of clothing companies to open up the market, and let Wenzhou clothing go to the whole country. At the same time, Linkage will do a good job in the promotion of the "Wenzhou G104 Fashion Corridor" and the release of the "Wenzhou Fashion Industry Development White Paper" to learn from advanced regions and improve the industrial chain supply chain experience.

From mid-August to late-September, Wenzhou Economic and Information Bureau, together with Wenzhou Clothing Chamber of Commerce, Wenzhou Clothing Industry Alliance, and Wenzhou Daily Newspaper Group, held a series of activities for Wenzhou Men's Wear China Tour (Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai Station), organized a delegation to participate in the China International Clothing and Apparel Fair (CHIC Autumn Exhibition), and brought Wenzhou high-quality men's clothing to all parts of the country through visits to fashion institutions, holding theme forums, live show shows, docking with clothing business circles, and conducting market research. And understand the future trend of the clothing industry from it.

Cooperate with the local Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce to hold a fashion and Wenzhou business forum to learn about the business situation of Wenzhou businessmen abroad, introduce the development plan and support policies of Wenzhou's clothing industry, listen to their opinions and suggestions, and strive for more projects and businesses to feed back the hometown. Of course, this trip also triggered a lot of thoughts on the "pain points" of Wenzhou's clothing industry, which was converted into "Ten Questions on Clothing" and put forward countermeasures.


One question about the relocation of custom knitted sweaters

In recent years, Wenzhou has "going out" to develop a lot of clothing companies, not only large companies and high-quality brands are leaving, but small and medium-sized enterprises and brands also have a trend of seeking development abroad. A group of outstanding women's clothing brands such as Mai Jiao Nu, Piao Lei, Wandian, Yi Sheng, Ao Si Du, started in Wenzhou, and formed a good reputation throughout the country. They were once the "golden name card for wearing in Wenzhou". ". But now, some of them have moved to Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen, and some have chosen to set up design and R&D headquarters in other places. Although the production is still in Wenzhou, as the production costs in Wenzhou are increasing, how long they can last is unknown.

In addition to women's clothing brands, emerging men's clothing leisure brands are also "going out". For example, after JDV invested in Louis Shilan, its core department moved to Shanghai; X132 had moved the entire company to Hangzhou a few years ago. Starting from Wenzhou, in order to seek better development opportunities to go to the big city, the "exit" of these companies is not only embarrassing, but even more regrettable, it also weakens the influence of "Wenzhou Clothing".

The relocation of high-quality clothing companies in Wenzhou is certainly due to the attraction of local policies, but more of it is the loss of local industrial workers, the "broken chain" of the industrial chain, the shrinking of the professional market, the excessively high production costs, the lack of high-end talents, and the level of digitalization and intelligence. Low factors, as well as many "variables" in the emphasis on the apparel industry in recent years, industrial planning, policy support, and development environment.


Systematically solve the clothing industry planning, market, platform, talent, brand, technology, publicity and other issues, reduce the relocation of enterprises, retain high-quality resources, attract foreign businessmen to return, and feed back their hometown. This is also the construction of Wenzhou as a fashionable city and development The foundation of the national fashion smart manufacturing industry cluster lies.


Second question for the purchase of custom knitted sweaters

At each stop of the China trip, we visited the local Wenzhou businessmen who sell clothing, held a fashion business seminar, and listened to the thoughts and feelings of Wenzhou businessmen abroad. Most of them have been in the clothing business for more than 10 or 20 years, and many of them are born in the 80s and 90s. We hope that they will pay more attention to the development of the clothing industry in their hometown and choose more to buy goods from Wenzhou and give back to their hometown. However, they believe that, apart from a few high-end business menswear brands in Wenzhou, there seems to be no other echelon brands. The lack of popular men's and women's clothing brands makes the overall impression that there are not many brands.

Wenzhou's clothing market is fragmented and not clustered, and there is no scale effect. High production costs bring high product prices. Lack of talents, homogeneous design style, long order cycle, and slow product shipment speed. In recent years, the number of purchases from Wenzhou has gradually decreased, resulting in fewer opportunities for cooperation.

Another voice we heard is that the apparel markets in Guangzhou and Hangzhou are more mature. Relying on several large-scale apparel market clusters, Guangzhou has a rich product line. It is the leading apparel industry area in China and the preferred purchase destination for the second batch of apparel markets, especially It is avant-garde design in recent years, and fast fashion has developed rapidly. Hangzhou relies on Sijiqing, Italy and France and other women’s clothing markets for evergreen seasons. In recent years, the men’s clothing industry has also seen a rapid rise. In particular, the Yuhang District Government relies on Yishang Town’s platform to attract many brands to establish designs in the local area with its generous investment promotion policies. Headquarters. Puyuan, Changshu and other places have accumulated a lot of money. Through the large-scale operation of the clothing market and policy support, the supporting industry chain has developed rapidly, small singles are quickly reversed, and the product price advantage is obvious, attracting a large number of Wenzhou businessmen.

We found that there are a number of Wenzhou merchants in Zhengzhou, Chengdu, and Shanghai's major clothing markets. Wenzhou people are all shuttled in these markets. Wenzhou businessmen no longer prefer Wenzhou cooperation in foreign markets. Our party was deeply shocked and touched a lot! If Wenzhou businessmen go out to develop, relying on the support of local policies to become markets and factories and gradually form a climate, it will inevitably cause foreign businessmen to compete with local clothing people on the same stage.


Try to make the return of the business headquarters in Wenzhou and the return of the project, at least the business must return, to achieve internal and external linkages, win-win cooperation, avoid vicious competition and mutual "killing", this is what we must focus on when restructuring the industrial chain supply chain. .

The CHIC autumn exhibition released the key trend orientation-fast supply. Quick supply is still the absolute home of the apparel industry's transformation. Fast printing and fast shipping. Companies must find superior categories and make them irreplaceable.


Three questions about the rise and fall of the custom knitted sweaters market

In this trip to China, Wenzhou businessmen abroad asked us a question, why do Wenzhou enterprises know that the ordering system is not efficient, but still implement the ordering system? One of the main reasons is that Wenzhou does not have a matching and huge clothing market for companies to digest the spot. Many companies have joined the spot army, but in the end they lost a lot of money because their products could not be sold in the warehouse. The main reason why companies in Changshu and other places dare to stock up in large quantities is because the local market helps digest the spot.

At present, the development pattern of the national clothing professional market is stable, and two comprehensive professional clothing market clusters have been formed in Guangzhou and Hangzhou; several single-category clothing market clusters, such as Changshu men's clothing, Zhili children's clothing, Haining leather, Shenzhen original design women's clothing, Tongxiang Puyuan sweaters, etc.; several second-batch markets, such as Zhengzhou Railway Station Clothing Commercial District, Zhuzhou Clothing Commercial District, Chengdu Hehuachi Clothing Commercial District, Chongqing Chaotianmen Clothing Commercial District, Shanghai Qipu Road Commercial District, etc.

Whether it is the origin market or the trade market, the common characteristics are: market concentration, long history (over 20 years), large business volume (over one million square meters), and large number of business households (over 20,000 households).

Although the volume of Wenzhou's clothing market is not small, it lacks long-term planning. It has short-sighted development and is too fragmented. It is difficult to gather together. It is impossible to form scale effect, promote industrial upgrading, expand larger market, and improve. Brand influence.

What everyone sighs the most is that there were several major traditional clothing professional markets and clothing represented by Miaoguo Temple Clothing Market, Power Head and West Railway Station Clothing Market, Shishuiliao Men's Clothing Wholesale Center, Tiejinglan Children’s Clothing Market, and Huanglong Trade City. The industries complement each other and jointly promote the prosperity and development of Wenzhou's clothing industry during the golden age. However, in recent years, with urban construction, major demolition and reorganization, the traditional professional market has gradually declined and disappeared, and the newly-built professional market has yet to mature and perfect. As a result, Wenzhou garment industry lacks in expanding business circulation, attracting merchants, and opening up foreign markets. Advantages and competitiveness.

Especially in 2018, with the demolition of Huanglong Trade City, no professional market was planned to undertake at the same time, the entire fabric market was fragmented, some employees changed their careers, and some moved to Zhannan Elephant City, Huitai Electronics Market, Shuangyu Market, Zhanghuamei Market, etc. , These markets are scattered in all directions of the city, causing a lot of troubles and additional costs for corporate procurement.


Wenzhou's top priority is to expand the local professional clothing market. The clothing market is like a space station, which can bring people to the city, bring the most cutting-edge fashion information to the industry, enable companies to grasp the latest industry development trends, digest the spot for companies, and incubate new brands at the same time.

Wenzhou should plan South Railway Station, Wuma and other commercial districts in a big way, focusing on the city's chess game, based on the long-term development plan of the clothing industry, abandoning local and immediate interests, leaving enough space, reasonable layout, and effectively expanding and strengthening the professional clothing market.


Four questions about custom knitted sweaters platform construction

In 2019, there were only 203 enterprises in Wenzhou's garment regulations, and the total number of garment enterprises reached 2731, not including the large number of individual garment processing households. As the pace of urban demolition, construction, and development accelerates, a large number of small and micro enterprises have no ground for survival. In addition to the lack of planning and construction, many small and micro clothing companies can only rent factories and even houses, mixed in residential areas. With regard to potential safety hazards and environmental issues, many small, medium and micro enterprises often heard complaints during seminars and visits. Some companies bluntly said, "What we need now is 3000-5000 square meters of factory buildings. One is too big to use, and the other is the pressure of loans. We really hope to have a special small and micro clothing manufacturing park." The Wenzhou clothing small and micro park in 1991 still doesn't know where it is. Why can't some small and micro parks tailor-made for small and micro enterprises?

Countermeasures: Consider the construction of the apparel industry platform from three levels.

One is the small and micro enterprise park. This is the most urgent matter at present. It is recommended to conduct a comprehensive survey on the needs of small and micro parks in the clothing industry in our city, and on this basis, plan and build a number of small and micro clothing enterprise parks to effectively solve the development space problem of clothing enterprises.

The second is a stylish characteristic town. Featured towns are another important platform for the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing after small and micro parks. Through the promotion of the construction of stylish characteristic towns, the resources of the clothing industry are integrated to form an industrial agglomeration effect, and the realization of clothing manufacturing, R&D and design, trade logistics, and display catwalks , Leisure experience and other integrated development. The Xinmilan Town of Zhengzhou we inspected covers an area of 2,600 mu, with a planned construction area of 2.2 million square meters. It integrates six major functions: production and processing, warehousing and logistics, office research and development, exhibition trade, brand incubation, and business support. The creation of such a clothing industry town not only provides favorable conditions for the transformation and upgrading of the local clothing industry, but also becomes a core advantage for Zhengzhou to undertake the transfer of the clothing industry.

The third is the industrial complex. The industrial complex integrates industry, business, communication, and life, and becomes a business circle and a high-quality life circle of industry, talent, business, and information services, so as to realize the seamless connection of urban economic life and truly achieve "productivity". "City people" merge. It has two main characteristics: one is that large platforms attract large enterprises, and the other is that the entire industry chain is concentrated. In this trip to Zhengzhou, we inspected the industrial clusters in Xinmi City, aiming to build an innovative demonstration base for the Chinese apparel industry in accordance with the concept of industrial complex, develop a hundred billion-level apparel industry cluster and apparel trading market, and form a apparel supply chain and apparel production And the new clothing industry highland of the clothing sales chain has become a well-known textile and clothing production base and trade center in the country.


Five questions about talent training for custom knitted sweaters

The most fundamental reason for the relocation of Wenzhou garment enterprises is the problem of talents. The brain drain is the biggest "pain point", the structural drain of the industrial chain, and the loss of the entire industrial chain. It is not only the high-end talents in creative design, but also the talents in production and management that are lost, which is the group phenomenon of the overall Wenzhou garment industry chain.

At the China Business Forum, the owner of a trousers factory in Yueqing mentioned the difficulty of recruiting workers. Now his workers have an average salary of 6,800 yuan. The brand companies he cooperated with were once worried that such a high salary would be transferred to the product and improve the product. Cost, such concerns will obviously affect the long-term cooperation between the two parties. Most business owners report that in recent years, with the demolition of cities, the increasing living costs such as renting houses have resulted in fewer and fewer migrant workers in Wenzhou.

Fashion design is the soul of the apparel industry and a key link in the apparel industry chain. However, the overall design level of the current Wenzhou apparel industry is still not high. There are too few original brands of Wenzhou apparel, lack of local creators and leaders, and it is difficult to introduce foreign designer brands. , Because Wenzhou has not yet provided high-quality creative life gathering communities and corresponding development environment for fashion designers.

During the trip to Chengdu in China, we noticed that Sichuan pays great attention to cultivating local designers, and has successively opened a number of fashion design-related majors in major universities in the province, which has promoted the formation of an innovative atmosphere of "everyone is a designer" in the region, which is worthy of Wenzhou Learn from.


At present, Wenzhou has proposed to build a city with tens of millions of permanent residents and launch the "510 Plan" for talents. As far as the demand for talents in the apparel industry is concerned, based on the survey, the shortage of structural talents can be solved in three different ways:

(1) Grasp the opportunity of "the number of talents engaged in the '5+5' industry has increased significantly, and the proportion of manufacturing employees has reached 50%", based on Wenzhou local universities, vocational colleges, technical schools, etc., adopting the establishment of fashion-related majors, schools and enterprises In the form of directional cooperation to organize classes, increase the delivery and training of creative design, technical and even high-skilled talents to fashion industries such as clothing. It can also be connected with the Henan Garment Association, and leverage the "smart daughter-in-law" project to solve the current shortage of professional labor in the apparel industry.

(2) Increase the cultivation of provincial and municipal and even national-level enterprise design centers, industrial innovation service complexes, and textile and apparel creative design pilot demonstration parks, and retain local residents by creating high-level platforms to cultivate and attract fashion creative design talents and even high-end designers Talent.

(3) Considering the practical problems of high-end design talents' difficulty in introducing and retaining, we can use the “Internet+” and “big data” ingenious use such as the Shanghai demarcation.