Helping the transformation of traditional knitwear manufacturers

Helping the transformation of traditional knitwear manufacturers

Tonglu Hengcun Fashion Knitting Industrial Park starts construction

Speaking of Tonglu Heng Village, one would think of the developed knitting industry here. Recently, the construction of Tonglu Hengcun Fashion Knitting Industrial Park was officially opened, which will be of great significance for improving the investment environment, promoting investment promotion, guiding industrial agglomeration, and accelerating economic development.

Hengcun Fashion Knitting Industrial Park is located in the Shenfan block of the industrial park, with a total investment of 240 million yuan and a total construction area of 7,4497.6 square meters. It will build 10 5-story standardized factory buildings, 1 6-story talent apartment and 1 10-story entrepreneurship and innovation service center. , Supporting 295 motor parking spaces.

“In Hengcun Town, there are nearly 700 knitting factories, and there are more than a thousand individual processing households and self-employed knitting service industry. At present, they are still mainly engaged in OEM production.” said Wu Bin, director of the Economic Development Office of Hengcun Town. The commissioning will help the transformation of the traditional knitting industry and provide an incubation role for small and micro enterprises in product design and development, brand building, and talent training.

For some relatively small-scale enterprises, in the past, after receiving orders, they needed to go to other places for production and processing, and the industrial park is equipped with standardized factory buildings, which means that after completion, these tasks can be concentrated in the industrial park to achieve various production Collaboration of processes.

“Not only that, after the product is designed, it needs to be sampled first. After the industrial park is completed, the company no longer has to look for a sampler outside, and the product can be directly modified wherever there is a problem, which saves costs and improves efficiency.” Wu Bin said.

Of course, the industrial park will also attract professionals in industries such as knitting and e-commerce to "make a fuss" on product design and development. It is reported that the knitting industrial park strives to be completed by the end of 2021.