Sweater suppliers:When choosing a sweater, pay attention to these details

When choosing a sweater, pay attention to these details,

So your style will not be rustic

Why do other people's sweaters always look more chic? In fact, sweaters play a very important role in the autumn and winter fashion stage. It can be said that almost everyone has such a few sweaters.


Sweaters have dense and thick fabrics, which are versatile and well-controlled basic items. In addition, sweaters are high-value and thermally insulated. They have many advantages. How can fashionable women not start from the truth? However, not all sweaters can produce a fashionable feeling. The choice of style and version is very important, especially the small details below, which cannot be ignored.


LOOK1, version: silhouette, off-shoulder sleeves

Sweaters are somewhat bloated due to the texture of the fabrics used, so fashionable women should pay more attention to the tailoring when choosing. Wearing a well-fitting sweater on the body looks a bit old-fashioned, just like the style of people in the 1980s and 1990s. If it is not well matched, it will be very rustic.

Sweaters tailored with silhouettes are the most popular style for girls today. The entire cover of a loose sweater is caged, which not only has a slimming effect, but also makes people look smaller and cute. In addition, the design of the shoulder sleeves can also modify the lines of the neck and shoulders, making the shape look more casual and lazy.


LOOK2, pattern: twisted thread, jacquard, pit strip

Through the continuous innovation of designers, sweater styles are becoming more and more diversified. In the past, when the post-80s and post-90s were children, almost all had the necessary twisted sweaters, and they were knitted by the elders at home. He was full of warmth and nostalgia. Now, with the return of the retro trend, this winter may wish to try the next twisted sweater, whether it is matching pants or skirts are very suitable.

In addition to twist sweaters, there are also jacquard sweaters of the Nordic style, and pit sweaters decorated with knitted textures. They can enrich the details and fashion sense of the shape, and they are not exaggerated, unassuming, easy to operate, and more durable. They are all worth a visit. Start.


LOOK3, Color: Don’t blindly pursue safe and versatile colors

In the dull winter, although the main focus is a simple dressing route, wearing this way throughout the winter will make people feel very greasy and not fresh.

If you want to change, you might as well try a bright sweater, you don't have to worry about being too eye-catching, after all, there is a warm coat outside. His styling can only improve the overall sense of detail, such as ginger, wine red, blue, green, etc. are all good choices.



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When choosing a sweater, pay attention to these details so that your style will not be rustic.

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