Sweater manufacturers: middle and low-end knitwear sales become the norm

sweater manufacturers: middle and low-end knitwear sales become the norm

  As the stall economy has generally been ignited in various places, various small household commodities have come out of the counter shelves and become the main varieties of stall management. The author is concerned that regardless of the size of the city, low-end and mid-range textile and apparel on the street stalls are always mainstream goods. Sweater manufacturers also said that with the help of summer stalls, summer undershirts, vests, shorts and thin socks, etc., people are shopping In Naliang, there are expensive consumer goods sold. Such a new consumption phenomenon is undoubtedly a great benefit for the recovery and promotion of the production and sales of textile domestic demand under the new crown epidemic.

According to exchanges with some stall operators, at the beginning of the “Six Stability” and “Six Guarantees” policies, live streaming to the stalls became an option for business households to get out of the epidemic and expand sales to restore vitality, and then derive various Various modes of merchandise sales expansion, and various places 

have provided numerous venue opportunities for the implementation of this new marketing strategy. 

       Business owners report that with the approach of midsummer, the choice of indoor wide-spreading during the day and open-plan commodities in the park plaza at night will increase. From the perspective of business varieties, needle textiles are the main body, and some of the operators are self-employed with licenses, some are manufacturers of domestic textile products, and of course there are sellers under the "export to domestic sales" brand. In Yancheng, Jiangsu, a number of textile and garment factories have set up stalls on the street. It is said that people from Zhejiang and Fujian inspected the stall market in second- and third-tier cities in preparation for stocking.

Some sweater manufacturers believe that there are many kinds of textiles in the stalls, and the grades are mainly middle and lower grades. The prices are not very expensive. Most of them are seasonal needs, and some are worn or even disposable in the season, and they do not care about the packaging when buying. Style, easy to trade. 

       According to the analysis of the relevant person, the low-end textile and apparel market stall operation is a better way to promote goods and expand consumption, because the product grade is general, the use period is short, and generally will not constitute a proportional impact on the production and sales of genuine textile and apparel products. However, with the declining trend of consumer habits, the mid-to-low-end textile and apparel sales will become the norm, and the number of goods sold will return to normal due to the season and popularity.

     The stall business has colors such as catching up, regional customs, etc. It is difficult to form a constant color landscape, and investors should be cautious.