knitwear manufacturers cross-border, from "backstage" to "foreground"

knitwear manufacturers cross-border, from "backstage" to "foreground"


 "Knitting Fine Chemicals" sounds like an industry description that seems familiar but unfamiliar. It is the daily life of the general public, but when it is related to "knitting", most of them have shuttles in this industry. It is a daily intimacy with the public. An industry system that is not well known to the public.


The "waterproof shirts", "coats with sun protection index up", "heating and cold-resistant bottoming socks", etc. that look incredible and novel are all masterpieces of knitting fine chemical blessings; those that are soft and skin-friendly, Fabrics with bright luster and exuding various fresh and natural fragrances seem to be sparse and ordinary, but they are all gorgeous and dazzling techniques from the "backstage" of the knitting industry chain-"knitting fine chemicals".

HALO is such a comprehensive knitting fine chemical enterprise standing in the "backstage" of the knitting industry chain, dancing professional skills-with international high-standard productivity, professional testing and research and development institutions, obtaining CMA third-party testing qualification certification, Founded "the nation's first knitting industry chain ecological construction service platform", which provides perfect solutions, independent innovation, and special customization in one, and builds technology to lead the future of the knitting and dyeing industry.


HALO, striving to move forward on the road of innovation, has won the precipitation of more than one hundred patents through innovative industry processes and research and development of environmentally friendly new products; through the years of unremitting precision drilling and struggle in the field of knitting chemical industry, it has won "high-tech enterprises", "National Ecological Dyeing and Finishing Chemical Technology R&D Center", "National Knitting Technology R&D Contribution Award" and many other national, provincial, and municipal honors; based on products, based on the establishment of industry standards to guide enterprise development. He has participated in the drafting of the national standard GB/T20708-2019; at the same time, he has led the formulation of the T/CTES 1022-2020 and T/CTES 1023-2020, which have all been released.

New breakthrough in cross-border development towards "terminal management"

The knitting industry chain is complicated and long, and waiting is the most undesirable, so how can innovation be quickly promoted to benefit consumers?

HALO decided to make a breakthrough-cross-border, taking advantage of its own industrial chain, from the "backstage" of the knitting industry, to the "front stage". As a result, the C-end brand, which has been continuously polished and researched, was born, and it directly faces the end consumers.

Terminal management is an area that HALO has never been involved in. An enterprise that has been serving the background of the industry suddenly decided to stand on the gorgeous front end of the industry. Despite the rich experience of countless service industry leaders, HALO still dare not take it lightly.

Strict material selection and elaborate design, since it is knitted, since it is to face consumers, HALO decided to brand the first product, starting with towels that are intimately with the public every day.


Lifu is a unique towel. This towel is made of long-staple cotton. The annual sunshine time of each cotton is more than 3000 hours. Its cotton fiber is longer than ordinary fiber, which is the basis of the softness of all towels of leefo. Its production process mainly continues the special weaving process of towel fabrics. At the same time, it chooses two extreme process weaving methods of "high twist" and "no twist" to target different users and scenarios, give play to the advantages of enterprise industry resources, and verify that it has international production. The production of standard high-quality knitwear fabric production plant is completed.

After repeated research, we have launched the "fluffy" and "gentle" classification fabrics to meet the needs of the audience:

The fibers of the towel are highly twisted, the hand feels crisp, the color is bright, and the weaving direction of the large terry is intuitively visible to quickly absorb water and high breathability, reduce the problem of bacterial growth caused by moisture on the surface of the towel, suitable for daily and sports cleaning of adults Scenes.

The "twistless" weaving process is used to relax the fibers of the towel completely, and the color is soft, the hand is gentle and supple, and the double "soft" texture of vision and touch is realized. It is suitable for infants, pregnant women, elderly people and other delicate and sensitive people Net wash scene.

At the beginning of the design, the two towels abandoned the selection of fabric safety grade classification, and were directly set with a full line of A-type fabric products, that is: infant and child safety standards, and passed the national standard GB 18401-2015 Class A standard testing and certification.

Starting from nature, to achieve "all biomass antibacterial"

Most of the fabric antibacterial systems commonly used in the market are based on heavy metal products based on "silver ions". "Silver ion antibacterial" has been one of the main antibacterial methods that have been precipitated by the continuous update and elimination of antibacterial modules in the knitting industry. It uses the characteristics of metal ions to interfere with proteins, thereby inhibiting the survival of bacteria on the surface of substances containing metal ions. , In order to achieve the purpose of bacteriostasis. This antibacterial method is extremely effective, but considering the cost of use and heavy metals, there are certain shortcomings.

From a new perspective, in order to effectively avoid the potential risks of heavy metals, HALO has developed a "biomass antibacterial system" whose raw materials are completely taken from nature, and extracts antibacterial substances from plants, animals, etc., mainly from juniper oil, moxa, aloe, Chitin and chitosan, etc. With the goal of completely bidding farewell to heavy metal antibacterial, and keeping away from the hidden dangers of heavy metal antibacterial safety, the goal is to achieve the effect of "full biomass antibacterial".

The towel with antibacterial function can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface of the towel in a humid environment, effectively ensure the cleanliness and health of each contact between the towel and the skin, and remove the bad taste caused by the bacteria breeding on the surface of the towel.

At present, HALO "Biomass Antibacterial System" has been fully applied to all-line knitting products, and successfully passed the CMA third-party antibacterial testing and certification.

In the future, HALO will continue to use the vision of "knitting eco-leader" as its vision, unswervingly develop internationally advanced "resource-saving and environment-friendly" industry new technologies and new products, and firmly move forward in the direction of "green fine chemicals" , Continue to contribute to the green revolution, transformation and upgrading of China's knitting, dyeing and finishing industry.