Custom Knit Sweaters Fashionable knitting, saying that it is tasteless

Fashionable knitting, saying that it is tasteless that you won't wear! In terms of temperament, it is more stable than anyone



When should knitted short sleeves be worn? This question really troubles many people. Will it be too hot to wear in summer? And this summer, countless girls have a new view of this seemingly "chicken rib" sweater, especially in the BM trend of the fire, they look at it directly. The gentle and versatile own texture, and even more stars use knitted short sleeves to recess modeling. Fashionable knitting, saying that it is tasteless that you won't wear! In terms of temperament, it is "stable" than anyone else.


Let's first look at some groups of star Look~


Qiao Xin

Checked round neck sweater with white suit pants, simple and retro tone, elegant and intellectual atmosphere. It can be used as a model look for the light workplace.


Ni Ni

The eye-catching green sweater and the lilac tulle skirt are really eye-catching. The collision of the materials is more fashionable.




The shoulder-shoulder style with a little care, also makes the overall shape more gentle, with a slim skirt, it is more fashionable and elegant.


This time the cat sister will talk to you about this "chicken rib" sweater, ↓↓↓


Knitting-basic short-sleeved sweater


Plain knitting


With the popularity of the BM style this year, tight-fitting sweaters have become popular again. In fact, this style has been popular in the 1940s; the basic short-sleeved sweaters, although they look similar to ordinary T-shirts, However, it is slightly better than T-shirts in texture and vintage. The style of the small neckline will be more fashionable than the U-neck round neckline. Solid color knitted short sleeve, not only with the casual nature of the T-shirt, but also the elegance of knitted


Cat sister Little Tips: round face suitable for elongated face V-neck, U-neck; long face suitable for word collar, small round collar, small high collar; square face suitable for small round collar, deep U, etc.


Recommended wear: knitted short-sleeved + wide-leg pants


Knitted short sleeves are not only casual with T-shirts, but also elegant in knitting. Knitted short sleeves are most suitable for trousers or skirts, not only fashionable but also petty bourgeoisie; the "upper narrower and looser" way of wearing, which is also thin With an extra light, how to wear how beautiful!


Striped knitting

Striped knitted short sleeves, the stitching of stripes and colors will look very lively, very suitable for summer. Fine stripes will be much thinner than wide stripes, dense stripes will be much thinner visually than sparse ones; vertical stripes will also be thinner visually than horizontal stripes, choose according to your needs.

Recommended wear: striped knit + denim pants


Both formal and casual items-short-sleeved sweaters, the first choice with jeans will not go wrong; if you want to wear a retro sense, you can choose high-waist long denim, high-waist denim with its own retro atmosphere; want to wear For fashionable and age-reducing feelings, you can choose short denim shorts, short skirts, etc., the pure desire wind blows, matching with white shoes and casual shoes, youthful, lively and casual fashion.


Knitting-waistless short sleeve knitting


The waist-length short knitting is now the fashionable "short cut". The vest liners with remarkable fitness effects can "show off wealth" in a high profile, not only modifying the figure proportion but also full of leisure and refreshing feeling. The "short cut" top style is paired with an irregularly split long skirt, which is refreshing and exciting.

Recommended wear: waist knit + jeans

A piece of waistless knit with denim pants, although simple and daily, but also wear a sense of fashion, looks simple and casual. Fear of being too monotonous can add some accessories details. The black line is too old and boring. I don’t know how to wear it. I might as well look at the previous article of Cat Sister. Cat Sister has introduced several ways of matching. I hope to provide you with some ideas.

Knitting-short sleeve cardigan

Knitted cardigans have added buttons and zippers to the design, making the original basic style more attractive. The cardigan style can also be matched more flexibly, and you can optionally tie the buttons to match the indirect and stylish. The upper buckle also has the effect of adjusting the neckline; the lower buckle can also create a small cloak effect; the middle buckle opens up and down, which is full of sensation.

Little Sister Tips: The style with a slanted upward angle on the side of the fungus, which makes the shoulders narrower than the flat cuffs, suitable for girls with large skeletons.

Recommended match: cardigan knit + trousers

Knitted tops are ranked upstream in terms of comfort and temperament. Various styles are different but the feeling conveyed is more unified. There is a gentle and delicate feeling. The bright colors are more fashionable. The use of light and dark collocation creates different visual effects. Inject more energy for this. The leg length is thin and proper skin is more feminine.


Knitting-POLO shirt

Knitted Polo shirts have less sports business than ordinary materials, and have a more retro feeling. The simple style and colors are suitable for summer. With shorts and skirts, it is not only gentle but also elegant. Avocado-colored Polo shirts with denim shorts will turn sloppy into playful and cute, breaking the stereotype of Polo shirts.

Recommended match: POLO sweater + short bottom

The Polo tops are paired with short skirts and academy style. Not only is it age-reducing but also refreshing, the high-waist pleated style also has the effect of lengthening the legs and sketching the waistline. The collision between salt and sweet, perfectly interprets playfulness and elegance.


Knitted slings are extremely picky, but they are more fashionable when worn. Orange knit slings and jeans are simple, refreshing and neat. They are afraid of being too exposed and being tanned. Lightweight material jackets such as shirts can be cool and sexy for summer.

Recommended wear: knitted suspenders + shirt + jeans

The black knitted sling is a versatile type. It is suitable to wear with a jacket and a separate dress. It is not only simple but also cool in summer with a short skirt or trousers. Black can not only be slim but also bring a cold temperament. The contrast between the color of the jacket and the color of the sling is greater, and it will be more tasteful when paired. Not only is the visual effect excellent, but it is suitable for casual fashion and commuting out of the street.

Knitting-design sense knitting

I am afraid that the basic model is monotonous. Try a shoulder style with a sense of design. The shoulder top can show the sexy clavicle and shoulder line. The sleeves can also properly modify the arm. However, the word collar has certain requirements for body shape. Not only is it friendly to H-shaped bodies and pear-shaped bodies, pear-shaped bodies are paired with a pair of loose trousers, and overalls can also avoid weaknesses.

You can also wear a shoulder with a half-shoulder effect to give you a sense of fashion.

If you think the sweater is too conservative, you can choose a one-shoulder knit sling. Of course, the more fashionable the style, the more picky, so the sisters are cautious. Of course, the most important thing to wear is self-confidence. The sisters wear the whole street The most "tide" person on the planet!

Overall with Tips:

Striped or patterned tops should be paired with plain bottoms.

For patterned tops, try to choose relatively basic accessories (ties, scarves, etc.).

Knitted cardigan can "play buttons" to create "careful machine".

When matching the inner and outer two-piece suits, it is best to choose the same color system or contrast color, so that the combination is more flavorful.

I don't know when to wear short-sleeved sweaters, but I feel that it is "chicken rib". In fact, some styles are very breathable and thin and suitable for summer. Now it is suitable to wear. You can choose the basic model for commuting and choose any style for shopping. Tired of wearing a T-shirt, might as well try a sweater, it is really not so "chicken"!