Knitting factory sizing yarn supporting frequency conversion steam source, multi-task!

Knitting factory sizing yarn supporting frequency conversion steam source, multi-task!


Steam is the dynamic support of the dyeing and finishing, drying, tableting, sizing, printing and dyeing, setting and other process processes of the knitting factory. We all have a certain understanding of textiles and may be a little strange to sizing. The sizing process of the textile mill is the same as the printing and dyeing process of the printing and dyeing plant, which is a crucial part. Therefore, most textile companies now choose to use a new type of energy-saving frequency conversion steam source to ensure the normal production process of textiles.

The so-called sizing is a process of applying sizing on the warp to improve its weaveability. Weavability refers to the ability of warp yarns to withstand repeated friction, stretching, bending, etc. of warp stop, heald, reed, etc. on the loom without causing a lot of fluffing or even breaking. The unsizing single-yarn fibers are not tight to each other and have many hairiness on the surface, making it difficult to weave. After sizing, a part of the slurry penetrates between the fibers, and the other part adheres to the surface of the warp yarn. The sizing mainly based on the penetration of the slurry into the fibers is called permeable sizing, and the sizing mainly based on the adhesion of the slurry on the surface of the warp yarn is called the coating sizing.


      The main sizing machine used by the knitting factory for sizing is to use the steam from the variable frequency steam source to sizing the yarn. Every 10,000 meters of sizing requires a lot of steam. Therefore, when choosing steam equipment, textile enterprises should pay attention to fuel utilization, operating efficiency, steam quality and harmful substance emissions. New steam equipment with high fuel utilization rate, high operating efficiency, good steam quality and low harmful substance emissions" "Variable frequency steam source" has undoubtedly become a new choice for users now.

  The steam source emits steam in 5 seconds, the steam quality is high (water content ≤3%), the thermal efficiency is up to more than 95%, the ultra-low nitrogen emission NOX<30㎎/m, intelligent temperature and pressure control, not only can effectively improve the textiles produced by textile enterprises Quality, improve production efficiency, but also reduce operating costs, meet environmental protection requirements, multiply.