Don’t want to wear an old sweater, DIY by myself, make these 3 small household items, save money and

I don’t want to wear an old sweater, DIY by myself, make these 3 small household items, save money and be pretty


I don’t want to wear an old sweater, DIY by myself, make these 3 small household items, save money and be pretty

We all wear sweaters to keep warm in winter, but some sweaters will wear out for a long time, and we will discard them and discard them, which will make people feel very sorry. In fact, these old sweaters are left behind, make a DIY change to it, and make a sofa pillow to make the sofa more fashionable and reduce wasteful behavior.



If we want to do DIY design, we must first prepare sweaters, scissors and needlework. It is said that it is DIY design but it is also very simple. It is easy to make a very practical pillow. We need to find an old sweater that is about the size of the pillow core, and then cut the middle part of the sweater according to the size of the pillow core, and then sew the two sides, if the sweater has a thread Edge treatment should be done to it in time to ensure its integrity.

After stitching it, stitch some knitted petals or ornaments on the previous sweater to the pillow, then it will become the best ornament, so that the entire pillow is new and beautiful. . We wear the sweater itself, its comfort and skin-friendly effect is particularly good, we made it into a pillow is a very practical design, but also allows us to feel the most comfortable state.


If you want to be lazy during the DIY process, you can use buttons at both ends to design, which not only can play a decorative effect, but also the pillow core is very convenient to remove and clean. This method is more suitable for lazy families.

2.DIY home shoes


In winter, we don’t wear slippers at home. After all, wearing slippers in cold winter will make people feel uncomfortable, so we need to buy some home shoes for us to use. In fact, we can use old sweaters to DIY home shoes, it is very easy Things can also help us keep warm.

To make home sweaters and shoes, we need to draw our own foot prints on paper first, so as to facilitate subsequent cutting. Cut the things that are not in the sweater according to the state of the feet on the drawing, and then use it as the sole part.


After that, you can use the sleeve of the sweater as a shoe design. We stretched our feet in and then made appropriate cuts according to the size and position, so that the best effect would appear. Then cut each part out, and then use needle and thread to sew it to make the fit of home shoes better designed. The entire home shoes are sewed, is it very simple to watch, and it will also feel warm after you wear your feet.

3.DIY blanket

There are sweaters that are not worn in the house to arrange the colors and then re-stitch it. Such stitching is to make it into a new blanket so that it can become the best home decoration. Putting the scraps of the sweater into a whole state will make it form a smooth state and effect.

After we get it right, we only need to put it in the price, and we can make the blanket with unique beauty at home appear. A very simple method can make use of the old sweaters, and save the waste and space.

With so many old sweater usages, let's quickly DIY at home!