Sweater manufacturers teach you some tips for the maintenance of sweaters and knitwear

Sweater manufacturers teach you some tips for the maintenance of sweaters and knitwear


Knitted sweaters are a very comfortable type of clothing, not only to keep warm, but also very stylish and beautiful. The maintenance of knitted sweaters needs to understand some common sense, so how to maintain knitted sweaters?


1. Woolen fabrics are easy to fluff after being washed many times, so it is best to turn them over during washing to avoid direct scrubbing. When washing, if you want to maintain the original luster, you can drop a few drops of Amonia (the English name of ammonia) in the lotion. After washing, the color is not damaged and the glory is retained.

2. If the wool material used for sweaters is natural, such as wool, cashmere, or even natural cotton, it must be dry-cleaned to prevent deformation or discoloration. For petroleum-processed clothing, such as polyester, acrylic, nylon, etc., it can be washed with water, but regardless What kind of clothing should be ironed after washing to avoid wrinkles. And it is recommended to wash by hand, machine washing will still hurt the sweater.


3. Sweaters are more prone to contaminate dust. In order to avoid frequent washing, it will damage the clothes, soak the sponge block in water and wring it dry, then wipe gently, or use adhesive tape to gently adhere the sweater to the dust or other dirt. Remove the objects and reduce the number of washings. But if you wear it often, you should wash it often.

To reduce the pilling of sweaters, it is necessary to avoid rubbing against rough surfaces. Where there are many opportunities for friction, such as sleeves and tabletops, sofa armrests, inner pockets to put wallets, etc. Others such as wearing a jacket without a liner and a long backpack are very easy to play. Try to minimize these and these. Area contact.


Hairballs that appear locally can be cut off with small scissors or gently pulled out with your fingers, and you can use the clothes brush to brush along the hair. For a ball with a large area, you can spread the sweater on a flat table, use the brush mark to gently brush the dust on the surface of the clothes, the clothes should be straightened and tightened, and the special electric shaver can be used to gently suck the vertical, Shave off the small hair balls. When necessary, use a steam iron to iron the sweater, and the sweater will immediately become the same as the new one.