Sweater manufacturers production should be widely used in flat knitting machines

    Guangdong is an important base for textile and apparel production, and has made positive contributions to Guangdong's economic development and improvement of people's quality of life. However, most of the textile and apparel industries are labor-intensive processing enterprises. Enterprises are generally experiencing severe shortages and recruitment difficulties. Business owners have taken measures such as raising wages to attract workers to work in factories, but the effect is not obvious, causing enterprises to have "Large orders, long orders" dare not accept, only "short orders", corporate profit margins gradually narrowed. Luo Baihui, vice president of Dongguan Robot Technology Association, said that to completely solve the problem of enterprise labor difficulties, it is imperative for enterprises to introduce advanced technology and purchase advanced equipment, thereby eliminating backward production equipment, promoting the elimination of backward production capacity, accelerating the transformation and upgrading, and reducing labor consumption. Using information technology and automation to transform and upgrade the textile and garment industry, thereby changing the backwardness of textile and apparel technology, obsolete equipment, low-grade products, and lack of competitiveness. To strengthen and expand the pillar industries with Guangdong characteristics and promote the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises. The urgent needs of businesses today.

   Guangdong Tuosida is a professional operator of information automation solutions. Tuosida's machine substitution business application has taken a leading edge in the field of automated intelligent equipment manufacturing after years of intensive cultivation and machine substitution in various fields of manufacturing.

   Not long ago, a well-known textile production company in Dongguan Dalang introduced Tuosda's automatic ice water system and automatic conveying system, and automated the transformation of multiple embroidery machines, ribbon machines, warp knitting machines, and knitting machines to make it work in the absence of employees. Under the circumstances, it can realize automated production, save a lot of human resources, reduce the cost of employment, make the product quality more stable, production is more efficient, and corporate management is more convenient, reducing the trouble of leaders managing young employees, advanced technology and automation The transformation of equipment has enabled the company to achieve rapid development. The successful application of the automation solution of the entire plant automation provided by Tusda in the textile and garment industry has been widely praised by industry customers, and the automation transformation has been initiated in the textile and garment industry. upsurge.

     Dongguan Dalang is a key town for sweater production in the world. The production of knitted apparel and sweaters should be widely used in flat knitting machines. For computer flat knitting machines, there is a metaphor in the industry. It is called a "printer" for sweaters. Complete the automatic knitting from yarn to finished sweater garments, which can be customized or mass-produced. It is the main production equipment of sweaters. Under the influence of automated production and transformation of machines in other manufacturing and processing fields, sweater manufacturers have generally introduced Automate production equipment, or carry out automation transformation based on the original old equipment. Fully automatic computerized flat knitting machine is an intelligent device that replaces traditional sweater production. It can reduce labor costs, improve efficiency, and increase product added value, and achieve zero pollution emissions. It is the inevitable necessity of industrial transformation and upgrading and textile machinery automation and transformation. In the selection, sweater companies in Dalang Town actively introduced automated flat knitting machines. Flat knitting machines have also evolved from traditional production to fully automatic computer intelligence. The automation of textile manufacturing machinery is in full swing. Under the background of machine substitution, textile machinery The storm of automation transformation is setting off, and Tustar is making great strides in this field.