Recent cotton winter and spring variety interactions

Recently, the sales of traditional markets in China Textile City have been turbulent, and the winter and spring varieties of cotton fabrics have been interacting. Local sales have continued to be smooth, with various types of thicknesses, woven and knitted fabrics interacting, and orders from the cotton layout department continue to increase. There are still many shipments; but the sales are showing a differentiated pattern. Some front-end and back-end cloth companies and large-scale business stores have relatively smooth transactions, and some small and medium-sized business operators have relatively insufficient transactions. .

Knitted cotton rib fabric is mainly made of men's and women's cotton sweaters, cotton wool pants, special black, hemp gray zeal fabrics, local orders increased in bulk, and occasionally medium batch shipments. 32S cotton knitted single-sided pull-out grey-grey fabrics have increased in batches. 26S fine cotton knitted single-sided fabric with a width of 185CM, 160 g / m2 of grass-green, green blue fabrics is also shipped in batches. 32S fine cotton knitted plain weave width of 190CM, 130 g / m2 fabrics increased. 21S combed cotton knitted single-sided fleece fabric with a width of 185CM and 180 g / m2 is sometimes sold well, and small batches and multiple batches of shipments are partially increased. 21S cotton knit plain weave door 185CM, 180 g / m2 fabrics were sold smoothly. 32S pure cotton 1 × 1 knit pull frame rib pure black color fabrics Bureau Department City shipments increased.

In the recent market, orders for woven-dyed cotton layouts have increased, with cotton yarn 20S × 16S, 128 × 60 thickened padding yarn cards and cotton yarn 21S / 2 × 10S, 72 × 42 size padding beads. The 150CM fabric bureau departments and cities still have a large number of orders, and occasionally deliver in batches.

In spring, the order volume of pure cotton layout department increased, with cotton yarn 30S × 30S, 68 × 68 rolling and dyeing poplin door width 150CM fabrics. Partial orders increased, with occasional small and medium batch shipments. Pure cotton yarn 45S × 45S, 110 × 76 specifications seven color weaves are sometimes sold well. They are delivered in batches in bleach, coffee, golden combination Tic-tac-toe and bleaching, emerald green, grass green, and beige combination Tic-tac-toe. Cotton, jacquard yarn-dyed fabrics, printed fabrics such as character grids, black and white squares, black and white houndstooth, and black and white dovetails are also sold in batches.

Recently, cotton fabrics are selling well with regular density varieties, and the daily trading volume is relatively larger than other varieties; pure cotton yarn 16S × 12S, 108 × 56 pad dyed yarn cards, pure cotton yarn 10S × 7S, 108 × 56 pad dyed yarn cards, Cotton yarn 40S × 40S, 133 × 72 pad dyed poplin, cotton yarn 60S × 60S, 90 × 88 pad dyed Bali yarn, both transaction thickness and thickness, the overall market regular density cotton cloth batches have increased compared with the previous period, batches Increase from the previous period. There are many varieties of informal density casual cotton fabrics on the market, and many types of transactions have been made. However, the batches of some varieties are relatively limited, and the batches are relatively small. The increase in daily transactions is limited.

Recently, the listing of tooling dyed cotton cloth grey fabrics in the traditional market of China Textile City has increased slightly. The finished cotton cloth samples are relatively more listed, and the spot market volume is still relatively limited. Domestic customers' orders for counterparts are partially placed, and foreign trade orders are somewhat. Growth, some cloth companies and large-scale operation of pure cotton cloth orders contact increased.

Source: Global knitting factory  Network