Dalang, Dongguan, the first day of the year is the day of the knitting factory holiday


Dalang knitting company is located in the south-central part of Dongguan City, covering an area of 118 square kilometers. It administers 28 communities (villages) and has a resident population of 320,000. Dalang has “nine national business cards”, namely the hometown of Chinese lychee, the famous town of Chinese woolen sweaters, the famous town of China's electronic information industry, the national demonstration base for foreign trade transformation and upgrading, and the national pioneering priority to enter the grassroots party organization. National civilized town, national health town, national ecological township, and the hometown of Chinese wool culture and art.

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 In 2001, after the Spring Festival,

sweater manufacturers  I came to Dalang Town for the first time. It was only sixteen years old and the cousin. At that time, it was a good job to make woolen clothes in Dalang. It was more than a lot of work. At that time, it was generally five or six hundred yuan for the general workers to work in the factory. If the knitting factory is diligent, you can get more than a thousand, so generally The raw hand wants to go in and do it with a few skilled hands, starting with apprenticeship.

The original knitwear manufacturer was shaken by manpower. It was the easiest to make one machine for one person. Later, with the increasing cost of labor and the development of technology, the semi-automatic knitting machine was gradually introduced and now it is fully automatic computer numerical control. Knitting machines, from one person to one machine until now, there is no problem in seeing eleven or two units. The cost of industrial technology transformation and upgrading has been greatly reduced. In the past, many of the accumulated capital of woolen factories started to buy their own machines and become small bosses. At present, there are five or six thousand woolen enterprise workshops in Dalang Town. Woollen factories usually have a one-day holiday, and the rest of the month is paid the next day. 2018.4.1 Also on Sunday, I went to Changfu Road in Dalang Town for a walk and felt the scene when I was working in a knitting factory.