Why not choose a close-fitting and warm sweater?

In winter, many people like to wear a sweater in their coat, which is warm and comfortable. However, some time ago, I saw an article in the circle of friends saying that sweaters can be worn close to the body, and there is a high risk of skin diseases. Is that really the case? Is there such a risk in wearing sweaters for so many years?


Actually, the saying that sweaters can cause skin diseases is not aimed at all people. Only for a very small number of people with sensitive skin. This part of the people, if for the sake of convenience and in order to reduce the restraint on the body, do not wear any undercover, directly wear a sweater close to the body, will stimulate the skin, leading to skin symptoms of redness, swelling and itching. Especially in dry winter, contact dermatitis is more likely to occur.


Especially some sweaters which are inexpensive and whose fabric and ingredients are not specifically marked. If we buy them and wear them directly without cleaning, it is very likely that the chemical residues in sweater fabrics and sweaters will irritate our skin. Especially the tender skin under the neck and axilla is prone to itching symptoms. In severe cases, it turns into dermatitis.


So, in my opinion, new sweaters and other close-fitting clothes must be washed before they are worn. Especially the sensitive skin companion, wash and wear again and again, reduce the irritation of new clothes to sensitive skin. In addition, I personally feel that a T-shirt made of pure cotton or silk fabric with a bottom in the sweater should be worn to avoid the direct contact of the sweater with the skin.


Moreover, sweaters must be washed every day if they are worn close to the skin, because our body is metabolizing all the time, and there will be a lot of dandruff and tiny hair on the sweaters that we can not see in our inner eyes. If we change the sweater every day, the sweater will be deformed and will not keep warm. So, we wear a close-fitting undercoat. When we change the wash, we change the undercoat, and then change the sweater for two or three days.

Dear friends, are you the same as me, wearing sweaters will itch your neck, so you are determined not to wear high-collar sweaters?