She is the little goddess in River God. She wears sweater and leather trousers nowadays.

Born in 1992, Wang Zixuan, whose name is unfamiliar to everyone, formally entered the entertainment circle in 2015 as Shen Qing in the Encyclopedia of urban men produced jointly by various companies and Men's Gang-Friends. In 2016, she also appeared in the TV version of "To Youth", in which she played Li Weijuan. In 2018, she played Miao Feifei in the urban adventure drama "Golden Pupil". The role played here attracted many people's attention, and she has made a lot of progress in performing arts. In addition to working so hard in the entertainment industry, the little girl practiced ballet from an early age. Plus tall stature and high appearance, I believe that in this small flower entertainment circle will soon become popular! After all, it's really hard for her figure to think without fire!



Recently, a group of photos of her caused a lot of sensation, tied small dirty braids, no hair left on her head, it still looks full of fashion, wearing striped sweater with ultra-short leather pants, squatting on the ground can not block thighs, arbitrary posture feeling that she is open, with the perfect proportion of body easily unlock the new trend of the street. Under the spotlight, Wang Zixuan's charming eyes attracted many people. This suit of clothes is very expressive in hard lighting. It uses pure black and white to deduce the fashion trend in simplicity. This kind of collocation, looks fashionable directly burst shed.

At the same time, Wang Zixuan is a little more cute. This time, she has a "big back" style hairstyle, much like Zhou Yunfa in the movie "God of Gambling". Deliberately pouting to show their lovely, sharp eyes full of breath. Wang Zixuan, who does not like wearing earrings, wears long ear nails, slightly fashionable gold chains, black body-building underclothes, and gradient shorts colliding boldly with black and green.


In another portrait, she shows her comfortable and unrestrained side, praised by netizens as "walking clothes rack". Tie a long suit coat with white boots. Wang Zixuan really knows how to dress up. It's too fashionable. Show your thighs.


Sitting on the floor, dressed in flesh-pink silk texture, with a slightly Hepburn-style hairstyle, this time the theme seems to be retro.


Photographs from the exhibition show black tights with long black leather pants. Show the long legs against the sky, netizens say that Wang Zixuan: Sure enough, it's a nine-headed "torn woman" ah!

White T-shirt with pink casual pants. More girls feel that Wang Zixuan should also love sports at ordinary times.

Green print jacket with zebra striped trousers. It looks atmospheric.