Simple "knitted sweater" with shorts, easy to wear goddess model, highlighting the attract

Simple "knitted sweater" with shorts, easy to wear goddess, highlighting the attractive figure in this hot season, the most happy is to wear light, beautiful clothes left behind, there is no need to be heavy clothes can not be taken off, and to reveal your body, the best part of a word, shoulder will allow very thin cover, show The best figure, belong to cool, sexy and fashionable clothes!



This one-shoulder knitted sweater is designed in a fresh and elegant style, with mature and elegant temperament. The waist shape perfectly covers the small flesh of the waist. The environment shows a perfect figure. Choose high-quality fabrics to make them soft and sweat-absorbing texture. Especially suitable for this season, not cold or hot, the air permeability effect shows sexy lines, cute shoulders and clavicles, hot pants, walking through the swing posture, weakening the hardness stripes, showing a smart attitude.


Elegant and pure color, comfortable, comfortable and feminine design, the only shoulder allows you to enjoy attractions and attractive shoulders, so that all clothes are fashionable, elegant, showing a woman's environment, slightly relaxed. Version, including unsatisfactory girls can be easily controlled, fashion and age, a little clenched fist, launched sweet and lovely girls.


Bohemian jeans have always been a fashion favorite. The simple design of these pants and the increase of holes fully reflect their unique personality. Girls wear tight jeans with smaller waists. Tracking between them is imminent. Emotional and sexy temperament is full, thin, short version can stretch thin legs, around the long legs and your dreams, more youthful vitality clever super short.