The selection of "China's Top Ten Knitting Technologies" continues to be held in Quan

The selection of "China's Top Ten Knitting Technologies" continues to be held in Quanzhou

According to news from the Quanzhou Development and Reform Commission, the selection of "China's Top Ten Knitting Technologies" will continue to be held in Quanzhou this year, and the project solicitation link has entered the final stage.

   adhering to the mission of "promoting better transformation and landing of scientific and technological achievements and helping the transformation and upgrading of the knitted shoe and apparel industry" has been successfully held for three sessions in Quanzhou, and this year marks the seventh session. The previous selection activities have established a communication bridge and cooperation platform for the excellent knitting apparel scientific and technological innovation achievements from all over the country to connect with Quanzhou shoe and apparel enterprises. Not long ago, Changshu Xiangying Special Fiber Co., Ltd., the sixth "China Top Ten Textile Technology" award-winning company, came to Quanzhou and walked into Anta, Jordan, Peak, Noble Bird under the lead of China Textile Institute Haixi Branch , Lilang, Haitian and other Quanzhou textile shoe and apparel companies visited and launched technical exchanges with the product design and fabric development departments of these companies. This trip to Quanzhou not only allowed the researchers to touch the latest and most cutting-edge market information, but also let Quanzhou shoe and apparel companies understand the latest research results in the textile field, further unclog the industry upstream and downstream, and strengthen the interaction and integration of the industrial chain. .

It is understood that through the preliminary sorting of the application materials, the number of applications for the “China Top Ten Knitting Technologies” selection activities this year is significantly higher than in the past, and the project quality is also showing a high level-many projects reflect the new fiber and technology in The wide application of terminal fields such as clothing, home textiles and industry has improved product performance and added value; the project results represent the development direction of industries such as intelligent manufacturing, green circulation and high-quality development. The selection also set up the “Top Ten Textile Technology in China·Technical Contribution Award for Fighting Epidemic Situation”. The companies participating in the application for this award have actively switched production and expanded production, which has solved the shortage of protective materials for protective clothing, masks, anti-killing products, etc. Difficulties such as the difficulty of obtaining one production equipment have made outstanding contributions to the fight against the epidemic in China and the world.